We would like to introduce you to the commercial side of de Burgo.

This side of our company specialises in providing kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms and joinery items to the construction industry.

We branched out into this sector in 2016 and have rapidly grown since; we continue to work with our existing clients and aim to grow more in this industry building our client base with more developers. We are always looking to tender for future projects to continue to provide our services.

Here are samples of our commercial work.

What we do

1. Consultation

From your initial brief, our contracts team will work closely with you to ensure the maximum potential is achieved for your scheme. As we manufacture our kitchens in our own facility we can tailor your kitchen to your exact requirements and budget.

2. Design

Our kitchen designs will take into account all contributing factors and reviewed in-house to resolve any potential issues before being presented to you. Once approved, mood boards, computer generated visuals and selector units can be provided to give your sales team the tools to help your buyers visualise their potential purchase.

3. Construction

For developers we are proud to be able to offer a complete kitchen range manufactured in our own facility in Essex. We have a dedicated team of craftsmen many of whom have been with us for over 20 years. Their experience combined with state of the art machinery enables us to engineer high quality kitchens to your exact specification time and again.

4. Finish

We leave our care and information booklet in every kitchen we install, primarily to answer most of the questions your buyers have about their new kitchen but also to ensure they have our contact details. It makes more sense for our dedicated after service department to help your customers with any aspect of their kitchen taking one more thing off your mind. The information booklet is also available to download here.

Our projects